“…Never Stop Praying…”

Princess Meredith and Princess Madelaine...SO in their element!
Princess Meredith and Princess Madelaine...SO in their element!
Thank you, Jesus, for these precious jewels. I love you, girls.
I wander (wonder) around each day with thoughts wrapped in my brain and so many different emotions vying for space in my heart. There is no doubt that, even if I’m not “talking to myself” or murmuring about this or that, or even chuckling just so like a crazy person …
…there’s an exchange going on between my spirit and the heavens anyway. I have to remember that the Bible is telling me to be prayerful constantly. God wants to hear from me.
What father wouldn’t want to hear frequently from His beloved?
What father wouldn’t be heartbroken to know that His son was simply rushing from place to place, cursing and complaining all the time about everything?
OK, maybe some of our earthly fathers.
But not God.
Pray today.

4 thoughts on ““…Never Stop Praying…”

  1. B, I will visit here often…especially when I see some footage of you jumping out of a plane and/or some big furry mammal on the ground next to you. Kidding….your two “princesses” are precious! Thank God for these and the many blessings you have. Later

  2. Brother you are so loved — and I am so proud of you and excited for you and this trip. You are stepping out to serve, but will bring so much more home. Even with all we have lost, we still have so many blessings… Go and let God work through you and in you during this wonderful opportunity. love, me

  3. Mr. Smith! your daughters are too precious! I thought for a moment there that I had lost contact with my favorite teacher. I can honestly say that you taught me more than just english, you taught me truths about life. I am very excited to hear about your upcoming adventure to ecuador. I know that going to a third world country is life changing. When I came back from Peru, everything that I saw was drastically different. I will be praying for your safety and that God will use you to spread his Holy name.

  4. B – I wasn’t aware of your upcoming trip but am so happy for you and this opportunity. When I got to go on the trip to Berlin in 2002 it was exactly right with God’s timing and was life changing for me. I know you will bless so many and I miss you and K so much! Love the pix of the girls! Be blessed by friend!

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