Party in the Rain…

I can’t really begin to explain today very well. I don’t have enough time before I have to catch the bus and go back out tonight. But I’ve been up since 5:30, and we’ve unloaded trucks with – literally – TONS of food and toys.


I’ve never, ever been more exhausted. and it’s not just from doing stuff. I’ve been poked and prodded by God so many times today, I’ve got bruises on my heart.

We threw a party today for about 400 families. It rained down the biggest, fattest, coldestrain drops I’ve ever felt. When was the last time you were literally able to pour water out of your shoes after being in the rain? Me? today.

I wore a trash bag for most of the day. There were women huddling with their babies under trashbags today, standing in line for food.

I was actually glad it rained so much; I just kept crying and crying over those kids, and I was already wet anyway…


I’ll update this page more later.



One thought on “Party in the Rain…

  1. I remember those beautiful kids, they really pull on your heart. I could not speak thier language, but I loved playing wiht them.

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